Derby Days


ERMAIGAWD! Hands down the best fearleader/jeerleader routine I’ve ever seen! There’s break dancing, crotch grabbing, raunchy thrusting, backflips and somersaults! Well done Vienna Roller Derby !


#50 Scald Eagle faces off against #1701 Shaolin Spocker at Rose City Rollers Championships June 2014

Loving the high five!


#50 Scald Eagle faces off against #1701 Shaolin Spocker at Rose City Rollers Championships June 2014

Loving the high five!

One Month To Change.

Hi everyone,

Do you find you work harder for something if you have a goal at the end?

I know I do.

Since I started skating I have lost 1st (14lbs). In the last couple of months I have slowly lost another 10lbs and I would like to lose more. Obviously food plays a big part in this but so does working out. Sometimes I find if I don’t have anything to work towards I simply put off exercising even if I know it will do me some good and I will feel better for doing it.

For July, this changes. Last year I had Tough Mudder and my first public bout and this year I have a trip to Edinburgh and a couple of other exciting bits to focus on. My aim is simply to 1) Skate more 2) Do something every day. Even if it is just a quick run before or after work. 3) Eat properly! 

I have a month calender printed off with my own workouts printed on it and a place to mark my weight once each week. I need to make an effort to get to training on Sundays and not use my anxiety as an excuse not to go. I hope I can keep it going!

What do you do to keep yourself motivated? What goals do you have?

Love Sasha xXx

Things We Learn.

I went to training on Sunday. It was too hot before we even started and by the time the warm up was over I was dripping in sweat. You know it’s going to be a tough one when that happens (in a good way).

Good things:

I did the entire session.

I got a PB on my laps - I got 28 in 5

I had to stop and use my inhaler after laps but got back on it once I could breathe again.

Bad things:

After laps and coffins and having to use my inhaler I felt like shit. My chest hurt like a mofo and I was shaking so much I felt like I couldn’t keep still.

Lesson learnt:

Even if you REALLY aren’t hungry before training, EAT SOMETHING!!

I don’t know about you lovely lot but I simply can not eat properly before I workout. I hate feeling full before I train and if I eat the wrong things it can upset my stomach (not cool).

So here I am, writing this post and mooching on the interwebs for ideas on what to eat which will stop me from crashing without filling me up so I feel sick.

What works for you? 

I would love to hear your ideas!

Love Sasha xXx

Feeling Thoughtful.

So far this year if I REALLY think about it, I haven’t skated all that much. I missed all of January and pretty much all of May. Reasons for missing training have ranged from barely seeing my boyfriend to simply not being able to bring myself to go (stupid right?),

I don’t know what happens to my brain; I wake up, feeling anxious, “why are you anxious? its training, you should be excited”, “I am excited but I feel fat and so I can’t wear my derby clothes (wtf?)”, “I am excited but I am also really scared”, “why are you scared?”, “I am scared I will get hurt”, “I am scared I will have a melt down and ruin practice for everyone else”.

I feel sad when I think about how my own actions have caused me to miss out.

It’s amazing how you brain can play against you. When I really think about it, it makes me angry and sad. This is a sport I love and yet I have sabotaged my own progress by convincing myself not to go. Not only that but by not turning up to training am I letting my team down too? These people that I love so much and hold so high up. 

Something needs to change. 

Aside from actually making myself go even when I am feeling the anxiety. I can’t expect to improve in Derby if I don’t make an effort the rest of the week when I am not training. I am hoping my plans for July will give me the boost I need. 

I am sure I’m not the only person to feel this way. How do other people cope with these feelings? If you are reading this and have an answer I would love to know. 

Jeez, for a first “official” written post this is a bit of a drag me down isn’t it? I just stated thinking about it all and thought “why not write it down?”. Maybe now I can just get on with it and focus on training and making the rest of the year count.

Love Sasha xXx

Standardized Roller Derby Fitness Test - Roller Derby Athletics.

I would love to give this a go.

Sasha Strange was turned in to a tattoo!
Photo and design by Neil Preson:

Sasha Strange was turned in to a tattoo!

Photo and design by Neil Preson:

A serious throw back to the early days of Sasha Strange! 2 and a half years ago!!!

A serious throw back to the early days of Sasha Strange! 2 and a half years ago!!!

Mars Milk Play Fund 2014

A special ask from all the members of North Cheshire Victory Rollers;

"Please help us win some much needed funding. Follow the link and vote for us so we can continue to build an awesome team to be reckoned with…. We would also love it if you could share this on your timelines and encourage your friends to vote for us too."

Love Sasha xXx

Back in the Game,

Hi everyone,

I came on here to just mooch and saw that my last post, not even a proper post just a re blog, was 6 months ago. It made me feel bad that I had neglected something which once meant to much to me that I would line up posts months in advance. So here we are again. Trying to make sure I keep this baby going.

I am trying to recall what I have been up to since I last posted anything on here;

  • I have lost half a stone which is nice. I would like to lose another half, maybe a little bit more…it’s a work in progress.
  • I passed (new) mins.
  • I completed Tough Mudder in September 2013 along with two of my lovely team mates.
  • I played in my first ever public bout in August 2013 - I need to do more.
  • NCVR have had 2 (or is it 3?) new intakes since we have been in our new home and our girls are freaking awesome!

I am sure more will come to me but these things are what are in my head at the moment. 

It’s been a funny 6 months. I am still in love with Roller Derby but it took me some time to get back to training after Christmas and it feels like I haven’t been very “present” within the team. Through no ones fault but my own. I need to give myself a massive kick in the backside. To be able to say I am part of such a wonderful team is a privilege and I need to remember that and not take it for granted. I need to earn my place and make every second that I can play this sport count.

Plans are afoot in the world of Sasha Strange.

Love you all, I won’t be a stranger to you this time xXx